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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

I am so excited to tell you about this trip! I am lucky enough to be a annual passholder to Disneyland in California; but it is also the only Disney Park I had been to. When I started planning this trip I originally was planning a trip to Disney World in Florida. My sad little wallet was not liking the $1000 price tag on the round trip flight… Just for the heck of it I started looking into flights to Paris. Little did I know that a round trip flight to paris was only $500. WHAT!! So naturally went into work the next day I brought the idea up to Steph.


A little background on Steph…. She is my Disney side kick, the Mike to my Sully, the Groot to my Rocket… She and I have done so many trips to disneyland I cant even begin to count. If one of us is every feeling sad, the other one is there to say “Disney?” You know because “best friends fix each other's bows when they are droopy.” Which usually proceeds with a 7 hour disney karaoke car ride to Disneyland. I digress!

Back to the story, I brought it up to Steph and she said “we cant go to France!” which was followed by a “F*** IT!” and we booked our flights! WE WERE GOING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS!!

Day 1:

We took the shuttle from our hotel to the park… I don’t think I can fully explain my excitement. Like, It felt like I was going on a first date. There were nerves and butterflies… annnnddd a little bit of hunger because we had skipped breakfast to be in the park at opening. The bus stops… The doors fly open and everyone starts spilling out of the bus. Our walk proceeds to bring us to the usual security check point. After purchasing our tickets we walk up to the most beautiful entrance; which just happened to be the main hotel. We turn the corer and there it was… The most beautiful Disney Castle I have seen. I may have shed a tear… or two… we were luck enough to have gone during the 25th anniversary of the park, so everything was sparkly and beautiful!


If you are thinking about going to Disney Paris plan on more walkthroughs then rides. The rides are wonderful but I personally loved the experiences of the walk throughs. There was a dragon living under the castle! Not to mention the Aladdin walk through was very well done!

Our first ride of the trip was Indiana Jones. This was WAYYYY different then what we were used to! No cart. Just a roller coaster complete with loops and drops! The lines were not bad at all! Indy was a 20 minute wait!

After Indy we proceeded down to Pirates. My boyfriend actually preferred this pirates over the one in Disneyland! Personally, I enjoyed the differences but I still love the original more. Except this one does randomly snap a picture of you; which is pretty hilarious.


My only complaint on this trip was that Phantom Manner was CLOSED! NOOOOOOOO!!! Guess we will just have to go back…


After walking around the park we found Its a Small World. This was absolutely HILARIOUS. Toward the end of the ride it shows characters from U.S… No joke the boy character was in a football uniform and the girl looked like a Kardashian straight outta hollywood!


After getting our fill of Disneyland we headed off to the next park. Disney Hollywood studios felt like back perfect combination of universal Hollywood and Disneyland Anahiem. When you walk in, you are welcomed by a statue of Mickey and Walt. They were celebrating something with Marvel because there were superhero posters everywhere!

Thunder mountain was CRAZY. Like… you think California is fast… TRY AGAIN. Its fast, its windy and you don’t have to try to sit in the back to find a better seat! haha.

After a crazy day of rides we ended the day with the fireworks show. I have never been a fan of wishes or those kind of firework shows. I love the 60th anniversary fireworks and the pixar firework show. This firework show… this was definitely one of my favorites! I loved that most of it was in french but there were bits and pieces in english. But lets be honest, We all know the disney song lyrics anyways so no translation needed! This show had the lion king, up, walle, and so many other great movies! It was the best “kiss goodnight.”

So am a little behind with the aerosmith roller coster. I guess Disney World has it but I had NO IDEA what I was in for. We waited all of 5 minutes for what might be the best ride ever. The rollercoaster starts you with an aerosmith song and plunges you into darkness at high speeds. It. Was. AWESOME!!! We definitely rode that like 3 more times.


Day 2:

Our second day was just as amazing as the first. We were able to explore more of the second park, Disney Studios. Its funny because this park felt like a combination of the old California Adventure and Universal Studios. There was a tram tour and everything! The tram tour was complete with fire and intense moments.

After the tram ride we went straight to the Ratatouille ride. This ride had RIDICULOUS wait times… we waited for an hour. I believe this ride was the newest in the park, which would explain the longggggg wait times. It was similar to the little mermaid ride in CA Adventure. Great for kids, very well done, and a must ride… But not something worth a 95 minute wait time.

We moved on to another must ride: Crush’s Coaster. Now I am not going to lie… My boyfriend and I are not SMALL people… Anyways… After waiting the 85 minute wait time, the cast member wedged us onto the ride and away we went. We spun and spun like we were the mad hatter tea cups. Then the ride ended… the ride was like 1 minute long… but it was a must ride and I enjoyed every second!


We went on all the rides from the other day and then sat and watched the parade. One thing I found interesting in this park was the princes… Like they were out… walking around… without their princesses. Aurora’s prince was battling a DRAGON in the parade! It was kinda nice to be able to see and interact with these characters!

Day 3:

Day three was SHOPPING!!!! Okay, I have a disney addiction… but nothing tops my Disney PIN addiction…. So. Many. PINS! The merchandise was fun because a lot of the characters had french outfits and the pins were just plain beautiful!

The parks were amazing and I am happy to say I have officially experienced more then just Disneyland CA!


“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse.”

Walt Disney

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