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A Little Mermaid Halloween

A Little Mermaid Halloween

Last year I was invited to Roth’s Spooktackular Halloween party and absolutely loved it! The wine was flowing and the good times rolling. I had decided to spend the $80 and get a surprise box of wine. The box consisted of 6 random bottles of Foley family wines. When I opened the box I pulled out a golden ticket! The ticket entitled me to two tickets to any Foley event! Naturally, I asked Steph to come with me to this years Spooktackular! The event was spectacular! There was a photo booth, a dance floor, candy for days, delicious food, and of course WINE! I was drinking the pinot all night while Steph was drinking the Chardonnay. The pinot was full bodied and I loved hit of fruit! I was not a huge fan of the merlot because of its strong flavor. Steph loves sweet wine and thats exactly what the chardonnay was!

We decided to go as Ariel and Flounder. Well… I decided to go as Ariel and forced Steph to dress as Flounder haha. We made Steph’s outfit 20 minutes before we left for the event… All and all the outfits turned out pretty good! Take a look for yourself!


I ordered the shirt at Target. It was $27.99 and the brand is Prologue. The color is blue and this shirt runs a little big. I ordered a 3X because I wanted it to be flowy like Ariels. Truth is I could have ordered a 1X and been perfectly fine.

The blue skirt and black corset came from amazon. The corset ran SUPER small. I am a size 18 usually and had to order a 5X in the corset. The skirt on the other hand was sized well. I ordered an XXL and it fit perfectly. The skirt is so comfortable and it had pockets! Cute and functional! I will definitely save this skirt for any future disney bounds! The skirt was $15 and the corset was $19. Again… Follow amazons sizing recommendation!

Steph’s yellow dress also came from amazon! luckily with prime it arrived two days after we ordered it. Steph is TINY! we ordered the dress as small as we could and it was still too big on her! As for the blue stripes we stopped at Joannes and bout some fabric glue for $10 and a yard of blue fabric for $5. The dress itself was only $17!

“We didn’t even realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”

Winnie the Pooh

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris